Generation Works Programs

Four generations working well together can be your greatest asset... 

The four different generations of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennial are in the workplace today. You can create the best and most profitable place to work by managing the differences created by unique traits and values of each generation.

What Generation Works can do for you...

Our information packed, interactive presentations will help your organization apply knowledge of generational issues to your business goals.

  • Decrease turnover and improve retention
  • Move stalled initiatives forward
  • Design effective rewards and recruitment programs
  • Develop strategic succession plans
  • Target sales and marketing efforts
  • Tailor customer service strategies

Generation Works ...Partners with your organization

Generation Works provides customized presentations on generational issues and strategies that affect your organization’s performance and productivity. Generation Works is a division of Johnson & Henry Creative Education Associates, recognized for its commitment to outstanding workforce learning and performance.

Briefing Presentations (60-90 minutes)

  • Discover traits and values of four generations in the workplace
  • Understand the business impact of generational diversity

Presentations and Seminars (3-6 hrs)

  • Interactive hands on sessions that help participants understand and solve generational issues
  • Customized programs target your generational management issues
  • Bridge gaps between employee and organizational expectations
  • Create plans that improve performance and productivity
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Generation Works Programs can focus on one generation and what is unique to them or you may select an area to investigate which includes all the generations.

Consulting Services

  • Identify generational business issues
  • Find solutions for your organization's specific needs

Contact us for an innovative, fact filled, fun presentation that is unique to your organization!

Understand generational gaps, the effect it has on your organization and your bottom line. Develop plans that will create a successful generational workplace where people want to be!

Clients include:

• American Business Women’s Association
• Association of Fundraising Professionals
• CSEA and New York State Partnership
• Financial Management Association
• KALEIDA Healthcare System
• Niagara University
• National Association of Women Business Owners
•National Association of Women in Construction
• New York State:

- Office of the State Comptroller
- Department of Labor
- Training Council
- Office of Child and Family Services

• Health Facilities Association
New York Health Information Management Association
• State University of New York at Buffalo
• Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo